Are you also a little unsure about which Digital Signature Certificate you should choose for your Business?
Well, here is some information that can help you decide.

Types of Digital Signatures

There are 3 Types of Digital Signatures for different uses. Some of them can only be used for Signing and some just for Encrypting. There are majorly 3 types of Digital Signatures, namely:

Class 2, Class 3 and DGFT

They are further divided into sub- types which we will go through in this blog.

1. Class 2 Digital Signature

If you want to file an Income tax or GST or Registering a new company then you have to go for the Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate.

The Class 2 Digital Signatures are used for Companies, Incorporation, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), IT Return e-filing, signing forms with the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs), Obtaining DPIN or DIN and in the Income Tax Department.
Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is also used for Provident Fund, GST, ROC.

There are 2 Types of Class 2 Digital Signatures:

A. Signing & Encryption: 

The difference between a Signing Certificate and an Encryption Certificate is that, a Signing certificate is used only for signing a document digitally and an encryption certificate is used to protect an encrypted document (or information) while transferring the document (or information) on the internet.
These types of Digital Signatures are most commonly used as a combination for Filing an Income Tax ,GST and to Registering a Company.

B. The Combination of Class 2 Signing & Class 2 Encryption Certificate:

 This is known as the topmost certificate among all the other Digital Signing certificates because it is highly secure. After Singing, the Encryption Certificate makes sure the documents are secured until it reaches the receiver.

This DSC COMBO is used for GST, PF, ROC.

This Certificate can be issued to any person whose organisation or company is authorised by a letter of authorization.

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2. Class 3 Digital Signature:

If you are into Online Procurement or e- Tendering where high financial values are involved, the Digital Signature you need to go for is the Class 3 Digital Signature.

Class 3 Digital Signatures are in the form a USB e-Token (Electronic Token).

You can sign documents electronically with the Class 3 Digital signature simply by inserting the USB E-Token into the USB drive of your System and accessing the signature from there.
It is highly used for e-Tendering, e-Auction Procurement, e-Bidding, on all Private portals, semi- Government, Government and PSUs

Class 3 Digital Signature is also divided like Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate, for Signing, Encrypting and the combination of both.

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3. Class 3 Digital Signature:

If you want to sign documents digitally in an electronic format or want to create transactions on the DGFT web portal or any other web browser, then you need to go for a DGFT Digital Signature Certificate. The full form of DGFT is Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

This type of Digital Signature is used by the organisations registered with DGFT India (Exporters & Importers).

DGFT Digital Signature is like an IEC class Signature which is specially created for organisations under the Export- Import Bank of India (EXIM) who have Import- Export Code (IEC) in India. This Signature is only issued to those organisations that have a Signing Certificate.
IEC is compulsory to get a DGFT.

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