SMS verification e-mudhra:

For automated and instantaneous mobile verification, please ask the applicants to use SMS based mobile verification.


VERIFY ApplicationId BirthDate

(Note: Birth Date should be in DDMMYYYY format)

VERIFY 12345678 25091976
VERIFY 8566746 30111986
VERIFY 4358887 01091991

Mobile verification process

Mobile number verification process is a mandatory step for issuance of DSC. Earlier in our system, applicant could have done the mobile verification only after we approve the physical forms. However, now we have upgraded our systems, and by this, you can ask the applicant to complete mobile verification, as soon as you submit (enter) the application in the system. By this, you can ensure that the application form enrolment, video recording, and mobile verification, all are complete at initial stage itself, and Applicant can download the DSC once physical forms are approved. Old procedure of mobile verification after physical document approval is also there, but in that case the approval challenge code will be delivered only after mobile verification. (In summary, download can happen either after mobile verification or physical document approval, whichever happens last.).

Video recording simplified

As you know, Video verification process is also a mandatory step for issuance of DSC. We have the process to record the video through URL, or it can also be recorded on Android / iPhone mobile app. We have recently upgraded the system so that, URL of video recording will now work on mobile browsers also. That means, you can just copy the URL and send to applicants via SMS, etc and then they can open it in mobile browser and submit their video recording. Note that, Video recording has to be made in Certifying Authoritys application, and CA cannot accept videos recording over external applications like Whatsapp / recorded MP4 file, etc as per CCA guidelines. The above change is made to help, so that, applicant need not install additional app on their mobile.

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