E-mudhra Video Recording by Smart Phone


Class 3 Digital signature requires video verification. Earlier computer with webcam is needed but now good news is applicant can complete video using their smart phone.

Link to download from Google play store

Link to download from apple i-tunes

Users can visit Android play store or iPhone app store to install eMudhra Customer application. The app facilitates easier video recording and application status check.

Video recording will support for class 3, as well as the new Aadhaar OTP based DSC application. Applicant should enter the Application number and the date of birth to initiate video recording. It is recommended that applicant uses a Wifi internet or 3G/4G connectivity to submit the video, as it will be usually big in size.

Once application for class 3 Digital signature certificate is taken for working applicant will receive an email with following content:

Dear Mr. Name…. ,

We thank you for choosing eMudhra Digital Certificate. We have received the application for issuance of Digital Certificate with below details

Application ID: 20XXXX25
Applicant Name: Mr. Applicant Name

For Issuance of Class 3 Digital signature, video verification is mandatory. In order to complete the Video verification process please click on the below link.


Please make sure that you are connected to internet and you have a computer which has a working web camera attached to it before initiating the video call.
Questions in e-mudhra Video recording:

For class 3A/B applicant has to undergo recording.

Prerequisite: Computer connected with a webcam with recording facility is needed.


  1. What is the name of the Applicant given in the application form?
  2. Have you applied for DSC?
  3. What is the date of birth provided in the application form?

This will be 20 second recording applicant has to stop recording once it is completed. You can do preview of the video which should have both audio and video clearly. Then finally you can submit to e-mudhra.

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