Digital signatures are used for identifying or authenticating you as the signer of the document and to allow document receivers to validate that the document has not been altered after you have signed it. Encrypting, Reading and Signing will differ depending on the type of applications.

The first document needed to create a digital signature, is a Digital ID Certificate. The safest Digital IDs are mostly issued by trustworthy Certificate Authorities like Sai Digital Signatures. A Certain number of Digital ID’s are on tokens and others are imported as files into the trust stores on your application or system.

Do You Want to Digitally Sign a PDF Document?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Either Create or Open the PDF you want to sign, on Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Click Tools Tab -> Certificates -> Open.

3. A section, CERTIFICATES will appear on the top left of your
-> Select by clicking on Digitally Sign.


4. Click and Drag Your Mouse to draw the area where you want the signature to appear.

Left mouse click -> Drag a box -> Release
After you finish dragging out the chosen area, the Sign with a Digital ID window pops up.

5. Choose the digital signing certificate you want to use, then click Continue.

Note: In case there are no existing digital signing certificates then you can:
Configure New Digital ID -> Use a Digital ID from a file. 
Browse your Digital ID p12/ pfx file and Import it.

6. If required, Modify your Signature in the ‘Sign as’ page of the wizard


Note: Click Create to customize the signature. You can add pictures, and select what needs to be in the signature by pulling in the information from what is available in the Digital ID.

7. Click Sign.
Pop- Up Window appears -> Save your signed PDF file

8. Re-open the file after you save it, your signature should be in the area you selected for signing.

9. You have successfully signed your pdf file.

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