GEM (Government e Market Place) REGISTRATION



GeM shall provide a complete end-to end contactless, cashless and paperless procurement system:
GeM shall cover the entire procurement process right from vendor registration to order fulfillment and payment.

GeM shall constantly endeavor to enhance transparency and efficiency in the procurement process:
GeM shall bring about standardization in the procurement process and ensure adherence to timely delivery and payment.

The purchases through GeM by Government users have been authorised and made mandatory by Ministry of Finance by adding a new Rule No. 149 in the General Financial Rules, 2017.

Who can register for GEM?                                                                                                                                                                          
1. Partnership firm
2. Sole proprietorship firm
3. Private or Public Limited company


The pre-requisites for a primary seller/service provider registration are:

1. Constitution Type such as Proprietorship, Firm, Company, Trust or Society and Central Government/State Government.

2. Constitution Name.

3. Aadhaar Number or Personal PAN of the user(Authorized signatory of ITR)

4. For Aadhaar based registrations, mobile number which is linked with the Aadhaar is required.

5. Documents such as CIN, PAN, DIPP, UAM, ITR details as per the constitution of the organization may be required for seller registration.

6. Address of the organization.

7. Bank account details of the organization

8. Active email id.


Vendor Assessment is a process for evaluation of vendors and their performance on various predefined parameters. The objective of the assessment is to recognize and develop reliable vendors so that they consistently meet or exceed expectations and requirements of the buyers. Also to ensure timely completion of various orders, completion of work and services for operation and maintenance of operating plants and quality standards in all respects. A consolidated and holistic approach will be applied to assess each type of vendor, on the basis of their capability, capacity and financial stability to supply a product on a continual basis. Vendor Assessment is mandatory for all OEMs excluding the exempted category.

1. Desktop Assessment – Desktop Assessment (DA) will include authentication of vendor profile, its business experience, financial capacity and production capacity by uploading the relevant documents. In case of any issues in the uploaded documents by the vendors, non-compliance (NC) would be raised. After closing all the NCs, vendor’s application would move onto the next phase of assessment.

2. Video Assessment – Video Assessment will be conducted by an expert sitting at a remote location using the mobile based application through video calling. The entire assessment will be geo-tagged. It will involve validating the processes that are uploaded in the desktop assessment.


For all type of registration, we provide end to end service and Also liaison in the process of OEM registration  with Desktop and Video assessment process.

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