Before the Lockdown the simplest way to authorize your documents or invoices was by physically signing them. If you haven’t heard about Digital Signature Certificate earlier then this is the best time to know about it and use it for your benefit.

Did you know that the authorised person issuing an invoice doesn’t need to physically sign the document?  He can attach his digital signature on the soft copy of the document and mail it.

There are companies that help you set up your Digital Signature Certificate as its mandatory for it to comply by the rules and regulations of the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACT 2000.

Companies like Sai Digital Signature help you set up your very own Digital Signature Certificate which you can use for authentic documentation online.

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) described in the simplest way is an electronic signature. It helps in verifying the authenticity of the documents. DSCs are highly secured with the help of specific codes and it is close to impossible to tamper with them.

You can digitally sign your documents anytime, anywhere by just a click of your mouse. You can retrieve, store, transfer the signed documents very easily. By going digital and paperless you also help the “DIGITAL INDIA’ initiative that benefits our environment as well.

Digitally Signing Documents and Invoices have benefits like:

  • Easy Transfer of Documents
  • Eco- Friendly
  • Transfer, Processing and Signing all happen within the system giving a great workflow to companies
  • Protects the Authenticity of the Data
  • Archive and Retrieve whenever needed
  • 100% Secure
  • Immediate delivery to the recipient

To get your Digital Signature Certificate Setup so that your business doesn’t suffer during this lockdown, Visit Sai Digital Signature.

Note: Class 2 Digital Signatures are used for filing ITR, GST or for the registration of a new company. Class 3 Digital signatures are used for Online Procurement or e- Tendering where high financial values are involved. DGFT Digital Signatures are used by the organisations registered with DGFT India (Exporters & Importers)

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