Class 3 / 3B Digital Signature

Digital Signature for e-KYC, Digital Signature for Tenders


SAI DIGITAL SIGNATURES ®, BANGALORE providing digital signature certificate in Bangalore and across India from 2009. We provide you with a Pan Encrypted Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) as Licensed Registration Authority (LRA), of E-Mudhra, Safe Script, Capricorn for distribution of Digital Signature Certificate. e-Mudhra is licensed Certified Authority authorized by Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA), Government of India, to issue various types of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC).

We will be issuing 2048-bit RSA Key Digital signature certificate and Now All Digital Signature Certificates will have a validity period of Two years. Digital Signature Certificate issued by Approved Certifying Authorities (CA) can be used to create legally valid Digital Signatures which has the same legal recognition and validity as handwritten signatures. Ministry of Company Affairs has created a prestigious e-Governance programme called MCA21. Under the MCA21 programme, new e-forms have been notified vide GSR No. 56(E) dated 10.02.2006 and statutory filing, in the office of RoC would be on the basis of the new e-forms only. Detailed MCA21 programme is available at

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GST registration

Looking for Registration Under Goods and service tax ?? We also file your GST return on Monthly basis and take over your compliance burden and help you to maintain Good GST compliance Rating

Karnataka e-procurment

Looking for registration in Karnataka e-procurement there by partcipate in Karnataka Government tenders from 78 Departement

Digital signature for Tenders

Class 3 Digital signature will be used in participating in all public sector tenders all State and central Government work will be in e-procurement mode only..

IEC Registration

Looking for obtaining Import export code ? We will assist you in procuring IEC code in 3 days

The signature can be used in Income tax e-filing, GST registration Karnataka and in many other Departments which will make use of class 2 and Class 3 Digital signature. These certificates are accepted for MCA 21, E-filing, e-Tendering, IT e-filing, online Banking, e-Governance, e-commerce, Formation of Limited Liability partnership, in India Tenders for Karnataka e-procurement registration etc.

Class 3 Digital Signature

Class 3 Digital signature: Class 3B Digital signatures are of 2 types: Class 3A for Individuals and Class 3B with Organization name.

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